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Would you like to experience the full  inner silence and power of Yoga Nidra first-hand? To heal your relationship with yourself through Ho'oponopono even more profoundly? To discover the possibilities of lovingly training your body under professional guidance? Then visit one of Andreas' workshops, offering different ways to mindfully explore and expand your possibilities.


The backbone of every yoga or meditation practice is your personal practice - what you do on your own, in your everyday life. Books and guided audio meditations may help. However, practicing in a group creates a powerful, common energy field that will help everybody in the group get deeper, faster into their very own inner space. 


Most workshops are facilitated in German, but don't hesitate to ask, translation can always be organised or the workshop language changed if all participants speak English. Discover the possibilities to explore yourself. There are different types of workshops, courses and evening classes, combining postural Yoga, deep relaxation, meditation and Hooponopono to fit any specific needs you might have on your spiritual journey. 


And, if there is no workshop near you, check out the possibilities to practice at home with Andreas' books, audio downloads and guided meditations on the app Insight Timer. 

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