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Boost your powers of self-healing.

Yoga Therapy

Aura Energetics


One of the most outstanding characteristics of yoga therapy is the fact that it is very clearly you who's doing the healing work - not the therapist.  In a yoga therapy session, we develop together a short set of practices (10-15 minutes) that addresses your specific condition or development goals and that you will exercise every day. In the following sessions, we will analyse your progress and refine and adapt the practice in order for you to reap the most benefits possible out of it.


Energy work is usually done lying down and addresses specific blockages in your subtle energy system or your physical breath. Its calming and de-stressing effects can usually be easily felt, which makes it very effective in all stress-related conditions. 


Therapy / treatments as well as Ho'oponopono consultations are at this time available in Bern and Thun, Switzerland, as well as before/after international seminars (on request). Hablamos Español tambien. Parlons Français aussi. 


Cost: CHF 120.- / EUR 100.-/h.  Request an appointment