Undogmatic Views on Meditation, Philosophy and New Spirituality

Learn how to help your Yoga, Meditation or Qigong practice advance in even bigger leaps by using Andreas' newly developed "Snail"-model to integrate all aspects of meditation into your practice. This book, which is Andreas' second, and the first one published in English, is available on and in your bookstore in paperback and as an e-book.


How to Find & Fulfill Your True Desires


Every single day, we take thousands of decisions. For even to go on as we always have, repeating our old patterns, is a decision we subconsciously make every day. Since, therefore, we cannot stop deciding and following our desires while we're alive, it's well worthwhile to get to know our true desires - those that take us into the direction of our svadharma, authentic self-expression. In this book, which is based on Andreas' Sankalpa Audio Course, you'll learn how to understand your deepest longings and - even better - how to best ask your subconscious to help in bringing them to reality.

Your Practical Meditation Companion

This practice book contains all meditation exercises from Andreas' books "On How to Become Your Own Guru" and "Sankalpa" in one handy and condensed volume, as well as some new material, helping you to find inner peace with ease. Our higher intuition, also called the "Inner Guru" is where we need to turn to first whenever we want to develop ourselves, when learning things from outer teachers and masters, and when we need to find out where to turn to next on our way. 

How to Start a Meditation Practice


Everything you want to know when beginning your own practice. Short, handy and to the point, in this little guide you're going to find it. Based on a script for one of Andreas' most popular live introduction courses. Find out more about the health benefits of meditation, different approaches, figurative and non-figurative, permissive and non-permissive techniques. Great to get an overview about not only the simple possibilities to start meditating right now, but also about where it might lead, what to expect and what to look out for while you progress. Better suited for beginners and non-spiritual practitioners than the much more extensive and powerful "On How to Become Your Own Guru". 

How Chakra-Work can Help You to Become a More Healthy, Happy, Loving Being


The chakras are a way to understand and unblock energetic tensions in all areas of our psychological and physical lives, developed more than a thousand years ago by tantric yogis of Kashmir and India. Discover how you can use this concept to speed up your self-development or that of your students, if you're a yoga or meditation teacher. This book will contain all information and the exercises found in Andreas' nine week Chakra Audio Course, as well including extensive bonus exercises, personal thoughts and philosophical background helping you understand what it's (maybe..) really about, put in Andreas' simple and undogmatic style.