The Art of Seeing


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"The perfect picture is one that reaches the heart of whoever contemplates it."      Daisy Gilardini

If you have ever been to a meditation retreat or meditated regularly on your own, you will have noticed that intense meditation practice produces a kind of shift in the way we encounter and perceive ourselves and the world around us. I first started to notice this some twenty years ago, after attending particularly "deep" Yoga classes. Colors were brighter. Objects seemed to have more depth to them. I suddenly noticed details in things and places I knew well but had never before seen this way. Ordinary or even ugly things became fascinating objects of beauty all of a sudden. It was as if the fogged lenses of all senses were cleared for some time. Usually these effects wear off quite rapidly, once we immerse ourselves in our everyday activities again. However, what if we could have a reminder of this state of being - of seeing around us even in those moments of lesser presence? This question is what has guided me in my photographic artwork from the beginning. It follows one function alone: to remind us of the beauty of the meditative way of seeing things. Because reality is nothing without someone perceiving it - and we have the power not what - but how to perceive! Let us school our perception to perceive the inner beauty and perfection in all things and our fellow beings. Namaste, in Sanskrit means: the divine in me sees the divine in you. 


May this be of benefit to all beings. If you would like to support my work, pictures from the meditative artwork collection may be purchased at Photoshelter (link coming soon) in many different digital and analog forms.