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In this webshop you can purchase all of Andreas' meditations and courses for offline use at home or on the road. 

"Thank you so much for appreciating and supporting my work, without you all of this would not be possible. Always remember to love yourself and stay in the fullness of life, for the benefit of all beings. Atma namaste." Andreas

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You just need half an hour of undisturbed privacy and a place to sit or lie comfortably.

This exercise contains a ritual for forgiveness and dissolving blocked energies after the deep-relaxation part typical for Yoga-Nidra. Being able to forgive is one of the most important abilities to prevent stress. Use this Yoga-Nidra to approach true forgiveness and love for yourself and others. If you love this exercise and can afford it, please contribute by purchasing it for lifetime offline use below. 

Chakra Course: The World's Best Chakra Yoga-Nidras

Coming soon : The Chakra Course - Explore and Harmonize your Subtle Energy System in 9 Weeks. 

Created and spoken by: Andreas Ziörjen

9 Yoga-Nidra practices in MP3 audio format plus helpful theory lessons



Individual Meditations and Yoga-Nidras

Radiating Love Meditation

Created and spoken by Andreas Ziörjen 

23 Minutes, MP3 audio file 

US$ 10

Limited Time-Offer: Download now for lifetime use for just US$ 5.40 


This guided meditation offers a space to send love to yourself and the world. May all beings benefit greatly. Namaste. 

Yoga-Nidra for Sleep - now available by popular request

Created and spoken by : Andreas Ziörjen

16 Minutes, MP3 audio file

US$ 4,50


Drift into deep, regenerating sleep, using the age-old deep relaxation techniques of yoga-nidra.

Yoga-Nidra for Self-Forgiveness (with Ho'oponopono)

Created and spoken by : Andreas Ziörjen

31 Minutes, MP3 audio file

US$ 4.50


An all-time favourite with almost 9'000 happy listeners and a 4.7/5.0 rating for its Insight Timer version. Being able to forgive is one of the most important abilities to prevent stress. Use this exercise to approach true forgiveness for yourself and others. 

The Sankalpa Meditation (Short Version)

Created and spoken by Andreas Ziörjen 

17 Minutes, MP3 audio file

US$ 4,50


This meditation contains a multitude of thought-impulses and reflections based on positive philosophy and the chakra-system, helping you speed up your spiritual development. 

Freedom of Breath Meditation 

coming soon

Nyasa&Silence Yoga-Nidra

 coming soon


Additional meditations  will be made available here continuously ! Please visit again!