Yoga Nidra & Ho'oponopono

Use the Power of Yogic Meditation Deepen the Flow of Life

Yoga Nidra is an age-old tantric combination of deep relaxation and meditation. It basically consists of three parts: 

  • Antar Mouna - entering the silence
  • Nyasa - activate the body's subtle energies to enter the Yoga Nidra-deep relaxation state
  • Yoga Nidra state - in this deep meditation state, there are different ways to train your brain and your intuition, awaken the self-healing powers of the body or just be

Yoga Nidra has - at the least profound level - a deeply rejuvenating effect. The developer of one of today's most widespread forms of Yoga Nidra, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, used to say that half an hour of Yoga Nidra can replace three hours of sleep. However, this is only the beginning, for Yoga Nidra also allows us access to the wisdom contained in the deepest layers of our being, our intuition. In the workshops, we work with different kinds of Yoga Nidra and meditation techniques in order to awaken to our full potential as loving, connected human beings.  

Ho'oponopono's goal is to heal relationships, by way of removing negative emotional charges from memories and old habitual thinking patterns. What is our most important relationship? Right, the one we have to ourselves. If we manage to truly, unconditionally love ourselves, the way is clear to love everything and everyone we encounter. Think about it. Life is relationship and relationship is life. Even our body is functioning only as an expression of the relationships and interdependency our cells have with one another. 


Ho'oponopono aims at healing four types of relationships:

  • The relationship to ourselves
  • The relationship to our fellow beings
  • The relationship to the world as a whole
  • The relationship to the Divine

In the Ho'oponopono workshops we work individually and as a group (o'hana) on our resonance to different topics which can include negative or hindering personal experiences, but also larger problems like our relationship to world peace, etc. 


I use exercises from "modernized" Ho'oponopono as taught by the Hawaiian teachers Morrnah Simeona and Haleaka Iolani Pule in their European seminars, which were then adapted and passed on by their students Dr. Diethard Stelzl and Ulrich Duprée.