The Chakra Course

Explore & Harmonize Your Chakra System through Yoga-Nidra

Chakras are the subtle energy centres found by tantric yogis, and know known and worked with by millions of spiritual and therapeutic practitioners throughout the world. 


Join Andreas on a Yoga-Nidra journey through your subtle energy system, touching all levels of your being, from basic trust in life to loving yourself and others, from how to use your willpower in harmony with your inner and outer world to spiritual achievement. 


The recommended minimum course duration is nine weeks - practicing each of the yoga-nidras once or twice a day for the entire week, then go on to the next one. You may, however, repeat individual exercises or the whole sequence as many times as you like - this will allow you to get ever deeper into your own powers as a spiritual being having a human experience. 


Week 1 : Aura Harmony - Balance your subtle energy field

Week 2 : Muladhara Harmony - Strengthen your trust in life

Week 3 : Svadisthana Harmony - Let go of the past and set your goals

Week 4 : Manipura Harmony - Start moving and let your light shine

Week 5 : Anahata Harmony - Meet your soul and prepare to love

Week 6 : Vishuddha Harmony - Find your authentic expression

Week 7 : Ajna Harmony  - Let your perspective become ever clearer

Week 8 : Sahasrara Harmony - Celebrate your connection to the Divine

Week 9 : Channel balancing Yoga-Nidra - Open yourself for health on all levels



Andreas says: "These exercises are by far the most powerful and profound Yoga-Nidras I have created so far in my life, the culmination - at least for now - of more than twenty years of spiritual work and insights. Having my spiritual home not only in tantric Hatha, but also in Jnana Yoga - the Yoga that uses our thought-processes and deliberate philosophical and spiritual logic as well as pure awareness meditation, this course-series incorporates a balance between pure-awareness, letting go of grasping and actively positive impulses touching our daily lives that I haven't found anywhere else so far, and also includes many of the techniques that I have found to be most effective in my own practice and in my workshops and classes. I hope it helps you to transform deeply into what you truly want to be, and at the same time help you to recognise that you have been there all along. I bow to the ancient and present yoga-masters who have given us this wonderful instrument of self-enquiry and development. Namaste."

The chakra-course will be available on this website from September, 2018. Please also check out Andreas' international workshops. Andreas can be booked for events and workshops in your vicinity, please enquire for conditions.