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"Meditation is about deep-diving into love. We do this by becoming ever clearer, more present and conscious. We do this by liberating ourselves of destructive patterns and limiting beliefs. It is those beliefs that stop us from being the loving, free beings that we already are deep down in our hearts."


From "The Inner Guru's Practice Book"

Meditation No. 13

For today's exercise, I recommend that you stand in front of a mirror or use a hand mirror. If this should not be possible, you can also just imagine talking to your mirror image. 

Stand or sit in front of your mirror. Set your meditation timer to five minutes or any other duration that suits you. Look yourself in the eyes and smile at yourself. Tell yourself, either in your head, but if possible in a loud and clear voice: I now decide to love myself and my world unconditionally. I now choose to love myself and my world unconditionally. Repeat this sentence for the duration of the meditation, all the while keeping eye contact with your reflection. If this exercise should turn out to be difficult for you or trigger unpleasantly strong emotions, you can close your eyes and just concentrate on breathing until the timer chimes. 

At the end of the time span, maintain eye contact for one more moment and fall silent again. Smile at yourself once more, then close your eyes. Perceive the body in its entirety. How do you feel now?


  From "The Inner Guru's Practice Book"

"This is not about putting on pink sunglasses and distorting reality towards a view that suits us to ease our fears, making us complacent. This is about seeing the whole picture. About being fully present in this world, acting in the highest interests of ourselves and of the world around us, but having our emotional inner life trained on the light side of things. On the loving side. Because love and joy is what we really are - the old yogic philosophers called it sat-chit-ananda, pure being, consciousness and bliss. This is at the base of our being and, in fact, of all existence."


From "The Inner Guru's Practice Book"