Be the Most Authentic "You" you can be

How to Open Your Throat Chakra And Be Fully Alive, Expressive and Joyful

  "Do you let your inner light shine to its fullest potential?"


  From Exploring Authenticity

  "No one intentionally wants to separate themselves from others, from the great whole, from the Divine, from Nature. What we see in the world today in terms of separation and injury is based on conditioning, outdated belief and thought patterns, on fears of lack and loss, on thoughtlessness and lack of presence. 


Really understanding our needs (see also my book Sankalpa) and then to be able to express and live them authentically (that's what this book is about), brings us back into connection, and back into the vibrating abundance of life. We begin to hear and understand each other anew, and many problems and disharmonies fall into harmony all from themselves."


  From Exploring Authenticity, Preface

  "Working with our throat chakra as well as its direct counterpart, the solar chakra, can help us to access more and more of our own power and to find freedom in allowing ourselves our own, authentic expression. This not only makes it easier to go deep in meditation. Above all, it also holds the chance to find and experience more presence and vibrance in our life and all that we do in it."


  From Exploring Authenticity